Daniel H. Cook

Founder & Chairman

Daniel H. Cook founded Daniel H. Cook Associates, Inc. over 35 years ago. This firm serves as Third Party Administrators to labor organizations and corporations in the administration of welfare, pension and benefit funds. In this capacity, the company designs welfare fund benefits such as hospitalization, dental, medical, surgical and life and disability benefits. Other projects include the formation of panels of doctors and dentists for employers and employees of unions and corporations. The clients of Daniel H. Cook Associates, Inc., constitute approximately 275,00 covered participants in the New York metropolitan area.

Mr. Cook is also the founder of the Education Conference of Health, Welfare and Pension Plans. This is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to continued education and improvement in the fields of welfare, pension and fringe benefits.

Mr. Cook was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Better Health Examiners, the first modern multi-phasic screening centers in the metropolitan area. While ultimately creating three of these locations, these centers were pioneers in providing the benefit of an annual physical examination to the general public.

With the five established partners of Time-Life, Norton Simon, Kodak, Northwest Mutual and Control Data, Mr. Cook also served as president of Health Maintenance Centers located within New York City and Syosset, New York.

Daniel H. Cook has dedicated his life to helping people in need receive the proper medical, dental, hospital and nursing home care, which he does freely whenever called upon.

E-mail: dhcook@dhcook.com

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