Kenneth S. Cook


For the past 25 years, Mr. Cook has been engaged in the day-to-day operations of every aspect of the company. As a result of his efforts, Daniel H. Cook Associates, Inc. has grown and has been innovative in the administration of many types of benefit funds. Mr. Cook is cognizant of various changes in the ACA and HIPAA regulations, which affect benefit funds, and he is actively engaged in the solution to these plaguing difficulties.

Mr. Cook is also the President of the Educational Conference of Employee Benefit Plans, a not for profit educational organization dedicated to the education of Trustees of all areas of Fund benefits. This company is dedicated to holding seminars detailing problems and solutions within the union community, which are disseminated and made available to trustees and administrators in both public and ERISA funds.

For the past 22 years, Mr. Cook has volunteered as the head coach for the New York City Empire State Lacrosse team. He has advised and counseled high school boys both on and off the field.

Mr. Cook is a graduate of Tulane University and recieved a Bachelor's degree in History and Political Science.

Mr. Cook is also a trustee for The Kucetekela Foundation, an organization commited to develop leaders and create hope in Zambia by equipping academically promising but financially disadvantaged students with outstanding education and guidance to empower them to contribute and compete successfully.



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